The HeySuccess x Mary Fugnit x John Sennett Collaboration

“What is interesting is the power and the impact of social media…

So we must try to use social media in a good way.” – Malala Yousafzai

It’s been almost nine months since I accepted the part-time Social Media Marketing job offer from (let me share you this journey soon in a different entry). As someone who knows nothing about the said field, never did I imagine that the fruits and labor of my amazing three-month Digital Marketing internship with this team will get noticed. Voila! Here I am! It has been months of competitive but fun and empowering working experience. I met different kinds of people on the internet, since my job is remote-based, with different but equally relevant visions and missions. On the 26th of November last year, I reported this interesting collaboration I made with the dedicated volunteer and blogger, John Sennett, to the amazing HeySuccess main man, Milenko Pilic. It was in October last year when I had Twitter interactions with John about exchanging insights about the HeySuccess and John’s common denominator – volunteering. Volunteering is one of the many kinds of opportunities you can find in our hub. And in some way, John being an award-winning volunteer himself came across with the best search tool for student and graduate opportunities that is HeySucces.

“I personally like what your advocacy is, which is to inspire people with the spirit of volunteerism. It so happened that our hub shares the same sentiment. This will serve as a preview and a personal touch with this company which will reflect in my answers to your four questions.”, as a part of the reply I sent to John.

How important do you feel it is for people to explore different parts of the world-

The collaboration is a question and answer type, me answering and giving background information and knowledge to John’s questions. Here’s the whole blog interview:

JS: Could you tell us more about the work HeySuccess do?

MF: HeySuccess helps students get recruited globally by the best organizations and companies through the globe’s biggest hub of student programs and supports companies and organizations in recruiting students and graduates from the global hub of talents. The team gathers every global opportunities like scholarships, internships, student competitions, young professional graduate jobs and programs, volunteering opportunities, conferences, and meaningful projects from every corner in the world. HeySuccess partners with different organizations, companies, and/or Universities like One Young World, World Merit, BBC, UK Trade & Investment, Sirius, etc., and work to spread and let the opportunities reach every student in the world. Most of the job were through their social media accounts (Twitter — which is where I handle the most, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram –which is into revamping season) and of course, its own website. They did a great job garnering an almost 87,000 signed-up-users!

Together with the thousands of individuals that experienced the core of HeySuccess, I can testify that HeySuccess is more than just a hub. HeySuccess is an eye-opener and a life-changer. There is something special in this team that caught my heart and soul. The people and the vibe, it makes you more eager to get out of your comfort zone, crave for the life’s adventures, and chase your goals. I could say, with conviction, that HeySuccess is a hub that provides global opportunities, showcases huge talented audience, discovers your potential, and inspires you to do more.

JS: How important do you feel it is for people to explore different parts of the world?

MF: Globe-trotting isn’t just for the satisfaction of our eyes to see breath-taking views but it is a need for every soul to experience a different ambiance and reconnect with the vast cosmic connection we have with the universe. We transform into a higher level of consciousness and wisdom with ourselves and with our surroundings. It is important to explore the world because that’s one of the reasons why the world is here and why we are in this world. With every culture we witness, we change into another person. Not someone we could say that is a different person, but someone is indeed, a different one in such a way that we see ourselves feeding our soul. Nonetheless, an updated version of our own. It is a two-way discovery: of ourselves and of the opportunities waiting on the other side. To experience the world is to live. To live is to explore. To explore is to learn. I think this what makes traveling important; to learn by making you feel alive. In line with this, here’s to give us another glimpse of what could we get from exploring the world.

JS: As someone who promotes equal opportunities, how important is volunteering for diversity?

MF: I believe volunteering, more than just an opportunity but a responsibility, is one contribution to achieve and maintain the balance in the world. Volunteering has its own identity of touching one’s life through missions and an advocacy. And to speak of diversity, volunteering gives us the ticket to a broader perspective and a better understanding of life and its people.

JS: For an EASL (English as a second language) student, how can volunteering educate the English language?

MF: Volunteering is one of the many ways of learning. It serves as a training ground for skills, language, and personal development right before students step into a bigger picture: career. I,myself, am an EASL student and I find volunteering helpful and effective in enhancing one’s vocabulary skills. By participating into a wide array of volunteering options, an EASL student will have a real time learning & language experience as he/she interacts with his/her fellow volunteers.

Get out and get involved! 🙂

As far as I know, John Sennett’s blog was reconstructed and I am not sure if you could still spot this on his blog. Anyway, what it’s like working with John, or should I say, Jason? *laughs*

The collaboration may be short but smooth. To be honest, at first I was a bit skeptical because there’s this impression in me that not everything you see in social media is a good thing or a legit one. Not that I am being judgmental or something but I was just extra careful because I know I am carrying another persona which is HeySuccess. But it is true that there are still numerous reasons why we should love this innovation; this was one. It was one of the highlights of my HeySuccess working experience. What I love most was the fact that the whole conversation wasn’t just engaging, but light, and full of heart (Hey John, my friend, remember when I called you Jason?). John Sennett is a man full of dreams, passion and inspiration. I couldn’t thank him enough for choosing me and HeySuccess in sharing this wonderful opportunity and wisdom.

You can read more of his volunteering journey here. Know more about HeySuccess here. Feel free to connect with us (John Sennett, Mary Fugnit, and HeySuccess) on Twitter!


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