Shuffle and Sheets | 06

You look like a movie. You sound like a song.


What better way to spend this Friday night than to have some music musings and a cup of tea (but I honestly wish it’s with you)?

*playlist? check!*


1. By Your Side – Faber Drive

If you should awake into the night, keep dreaming. ‘Cause I’ll be keeping your heart in mine.

Yes. I’ll be keeping your heart in mine. Wherever and whenever. Always and forever.


2. Almost Is Never Enough- Ariana Grande

If I could change the world overnight, there’d be no such thing as goodbye. You’d be standing right where you were. And we’d get the chance we deserve.

But I will wait. I will.


3. Breathe Me – Sia

I am small and needy. Warm me up and breathe me.


4. Until We Die – Gentle Bones

And now the world is ours to take. And every single move is ours to take.

Darling, we will sing until we die. Darling.


5. Drop Your Guard – Jasmine Thompson

But in my dreams, our love runs deep. Deeper than the darker sea.

I hope you see it, too.


6. Collide – Howie Day

Even the wrong words seem to rhyme.


7. Us – Regina Spektor

Take photographs, have fun, have fun.

With you. With you. Yes, you.


8. The Proposal – Matty Mac

Tell me you love me, tell me to stay. Grab me around my waist, don’t let me walk away. Tell me I’m all yours, tell me today. Tell me I warm your soul when clouds are cloudy grey.

And I pray you feel the same. I pray. I hope.


9. Sleep Song – Bastille

All you want is someone onto whom you can cling.

All I want is…


10. Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home – Keira Knightley

And I just can’t bear if you’re not there.

I know, you’ve been telling me this, you really wanna go home. Hang in there. Few more days.


For now,  I hope to see you in my dreams. *good night*


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