2 of 366: Breeze of Dreams

Past 10 o’clock in the evening, Manila time, I was scanning through one of my notebooks and saw this piece of memento. It was on the last quarter of 2015, probably late October, when I tried writing another acoustic (it sounded like a lullaby to me) song that reflects my current mood and situation then. Reading it again, I realized it could also work as a poem. *laughs* Unfortunately, I forgot to write the draft of chords I chose to accompany these little words.Nonetheless, I will just leave it here staying like myself – unfinished but still alive.

Breeze of Dreams


When the night starts to fall

And the stars shining all

When the moon sways and sings

And the clouds tuck you in

Soft and warm with your doll

Close your eyes, little girl.

Let the light crack the holes

of today’s somber soul


Hold on to your dreams

Oh, misty-eyed little pea

Here comes the breeze, it will kiss

the melancholy away

that shattered your today

everything will be okay.

(Just) hold on to your dreams

Oh, little girl I know you’re tired

Let the breeze sweep the mess

of the grief on your dress.

(Laaa Laaa La La La)

(Laaa Laaa La La La)

(Laa La La)


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