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2015 was full of melodramatic but meaningful moments. From your early twenties’ sway of emotions to life’s own freakin’ ways of making you realize things. But the balance of those down points was the amazing blessings poured onto me and the hard-earned insights of my life. Indeed, a year changes us a lot. And by a lot, I mean a TON.

One of the liberating things I’ve learned last year is to start chasing the things that make you happy. If having a tattoo makes you happy, go to the nearest tattoo shop or to your favorite artist and get inked. If you feel like dancing, then go Just Dance. Dance as if everybody is your best friend and you want to show off your silly dance moves. If shedding off someone from your circle makes you comfortable, then leave quietly. Sometimes we get tired of explaining ourselves over and over again. Sometimes we don’t owe everybody an explanation. We don’t need to sacrifice our own comfort for their selfish pleasures. And the list goes on. There’s more to life than just being plain and working so hard to get that “happiness” you’ve been aiming for, say five years? Ten years? I’ve done so much waiting my entire life. If you did, too, you know how hard and irritating it is. I’d say, ENOUGH. Do what makes you happy. Do it for you. DO IT NOW. You don’t even know if you’ll get a tomorrow. It’s better to take some heart-racing risks than to have tons of heart-breaking regrets. You choose. 🙂

Forever is composed of nows. – John Green

So much gratitude I am feeling for all the amazing people around me. Thanks to You. Happy New Year, folks! Let’s all have a safe and spectacular year ahead! *wink*



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