Shuffle And Sheets | 04


I’ve been through some weird swings lately. Maybe PMS. Maybe not. But still, I know I have to get through this. Everyone does. Don’t ask me what’s this all about. Ha! I’m afraid I won’t answer you well for I cannot understand it myself. But then, this will end soon — whatever this is.

Tonight, I visited again. I touched its most delicate part that could make or break your most important part — heart. Let the melodies play and heal your broken wing or whatsoever that’s broken and boost your energy and confidence red-leveled bottle.

1. Fortune – William Fitzsimmons

I love the acoustic session! 🙂 This was a good start.

It’s hollow in the harvest. What I’ve lost I count as gained. Filling up the firmament. Visions of the one you gave away.

2. Simple As This – Jake Bugg

I remembered I’ve been wasting my time rummaging Youtube hoping it could ease my longing for some Broadway smiles. And then, I heard Jake. I fell in love, slowly at once. What made me love him even more was when I knew that one of his amazing songs was included in my The Imperial Affliction movie version: The Fault In Our Stars.

I’ve been in search of stones. Making up the pavement of less-travelled roads. Mining for treasure deep in my bones that I never find.

3. Make My Day – Emma Stevens

Go right ahead and make my day. Make my day, I wanna shout. The sun’s come out. And I won’t make the same mistake.

Bad days will pass. #notetoself

4. Heal – Tom Odell

Jake and Tom! Listen and you’ll understand.

And take my past and take my sins, like an empty sail takes the wind. And heal, heal, heal, heal.


5. Celeste – Ezra Vine

What a sudden shift of (musical) emotion! *laughs* Kidding.

You’re something out of a dream messing with my head. I’ve been looking for you, are ya hiding? Cos I like the way you’re calling to me. Your spell upon me. You’re something out of a dream and I like it, though I fight it.

6. Tell Me Now – Sara Phillips

One thing I’m sure of, whatever this is? It’s not the lovers-kind-of-heartbreak thing. I know there’s something more, something deeper. Ahh! Anyway, *laughs* let’s just enjoy the music, shall we?

From the top of the world, baby we slipped. And I’ve never watched the world crash so quick.

7. Promise – Ben Howard

Something that’s repeated from the last post! But still, this is the Shuffle and Sheets thing!

Surface, far below these words. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll come home.

8. All Too Well – Taylor Swift

Oh,the Swiftie in me!

And I know it’s long gone. And that magic’s not here no more. And I might be okay. But I’m not fine at all.


9. Wait – M83

Everything that’s TFIOS. 

Send your dreams where nobody hides. Give your tears to the tide.

10. A Song About Love – Jake Bugg

Need I say more?

Is that what you wanted? Songs about love? Is that what you hoped you would find when it’s burning inside? But a song about love’s not enough. So what do you want for? What are you needing? Songs about memories that hide and then shatter your mind. Like a constant reminder. I just want to find where you are.

Purpose. The Search.

Sending good night hugs, my friends!


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