Featured Poem/Poet – Week 5 – Rain

Because this made me so happy! I guess I will be having an oh-so-lovely day! Thanks guys! Thanks a lot! ♥

From The Darkest Corners

Congratulations and thanks to JC Joyce who we have chosen as our featured poet for week five.

Sanguine in the Rain

Rain, little girl,
A puddle of pure joy
In a drizzle of pain.
Nibbling a cookie,
Dreaming of a charming boy.
Rain, my darling,
Over those thunderstorms,
Plays a mellifluous jingle
Singing an ode to petrichor
As they touch the weary floor.
Now my young lady,
Dance with your pluviophile self.
Limn a sunny world with strokes in celerity
On burdened walls full of promising shelves.
Vorfreude, what you’ll create,
Shaded with a hue of life’s seraphic fate.

© Jc Joyce

You can follow her blog here and on twitter by clicking her name at the top. A huge thanks to everyone who entered and keep your eyes peeled for next weeks theme.

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