10 Piano Covers of Popular Songs That Will Make Your Hearts Melt

And your soul secretly hoping to find your dashing groom (or beautiful bride), real soon! Like, you’ve died everyday waiting for him (her). Or been dreaming to play some good stuffs as you walk down the aisle. Or wondering about the 90’s kids getting married and this! Or just wanting to have a feel good moment. Ha! I am telling you, these are so good. And if I were you, I’ll prepare myself a box of tissue (just in case) and a lot of oxygen in me. *heavy breathing* 

Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!

1. A Thousand Years, Christina Perri (Piano/Cello Cover) – The Piano Guys

2. Just The Way You Are, Bruno Mars (Piano/Cello cover) – The Piano Guys

3. Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran (Piano/Violin cover) – Daniel Jang

4. Tenerife Sea, Ed Sheeran (Piano cover) – Raoul van den Bergh

5. Little Things, One Direction (Piano cover) – Jamie Lim

6. Photograph, Ed Sheeran (Piano/Cello cover) – Brooklyn Duo

7. All Of Me, John Legend (Piano/Cello Cover) – Brooklyn Duo

8. Glad You Came, The Wanted (Piano cover) – Nuetful

*laughs* I’m currently watching the Kalye Serye kasi eh. I was so amazed dahil sumakto lang. IYKWIM!

9. Love Me Like You Do, Ellie Goulding (Piano cover) – Joyce Leong

10. Mirrors, Justin Timberlake (Piano/Violin cover) – sleightlymusical

I am fine. *sniff* Yes, I am. Ughh. Well, I don’t really know why I have come up with this idea. I was just browsing Youtube in the hopes of finding new songs that I might love. And then, these! I wish I could play the piano or the violin or the cello, better yet, the three of ’em! Oh, goodness!



The music is just so damn great.



So there. If you’re reading this, thanks a lot! Thanks for spending your precious time with my meager thoughts. *laughs* By the way, credits to the owners of the videos! Cheers! Have a great day!


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