Shuffle And Sheets | 01

It is a rainy evening. What better way to spend this night than to tuck yourself in bed and let those eardrums boom like a boombox (mine got a twist, because I’m gonna share with you my thoughts in this shuffled playlist)? Ooh, that rhymed.

To start off, here’s my jam’s first ten:

  1. Struggling Man – Emily Kinney, The Walking Dead

Tingnan mo nga naman o. Sumakto pa sa’yo. 

“Struggling man has got to move. Struggling man no time to lose. I’m a struggling man. And I’ve got to move on.” 

Well, everyone has their own struggles. Mine just got at this point of time. So, yeah. Life’s cruel sometimes. But it is always beautiful.

2. Sunny Afternoon (The Kinks) – Winterbourne

Ironic, isn’t it? Natawa lang ako. *hahaha*

“Save me, save me, save me from this squeeze.”

3. How – Regina Spektor

 Ughh. Her voice and the melody. *hearts* I really love her style and her music.

“Time can come and wash away the pain.”

4. Raindrops – Regina Spektor

Yes, my list is in shuffle mode. Yes, I love Regina Spektor.

“In a town that’s cold and gray, we will have a sunny day.”

I’ve been waiting for that sunny day.

5. Heart And Mind – Winterbourne

 The battle between your heart and mind will always be the hardest one.

It’s not the way that I live, it’s all I give. It’s the road that I have found. It’s not that I do not care, but this mess in my head is a weight on my shoulders now.

Mine is at the center of a cyclone. Tangled. Messy.

6. In The Morning (Keaton Henson) – The Staves

And there may be questions in your head . As a new day is dawning. Like what things for us lie ahead.

‘Nuff said.

7. Cold – Winterbourne

Yeah, the weather’s cold. So is my heart. Charot! *laughs*

I’m tired and I wanna go home. Time is taking it’s toll on me. How differently I remember me.

Deep. This crushed me so hard.

8. Nostalgia – Martin Luke Brown

Hooh ooooh, oh oh. The feels! The perfect sentiment for this kind of weather. Ha!

Do you ever feel nostalgia? Would the kid you used to be still be proud of ya?

I hope she does. *kroo kroo*

9. Skinny Love – Birdy

Is that a tear?

And I told you to be patient. And I told you to be fine. And I told you to be balanced.

Your life may be hard right now. But trust me young lady, you’ll  be fine.

10. Jolene – Ray LaMontagne

Ahh. What a great way to end this, whatever this is. *laughs*

Lately my hands they don’t feel like mine. My eyes been stung with dust, I’m blind.

There you go! If you read this, thanks a lot! *multitasking like a pro* 


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